Tabitha Deveraux-Fawley
Nickname Tabby
Statues Pureblood
Gender Female
Age 15
Sexuality Straight
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Complexion Pale
Body Type Curvy
Height Average
House Gryffindor
Year 5
Familiar Orange Cat
Familiar's Name Rogue
Best Class Defense Against the Dark Arts
Worst Class Potions
Father Henry Fawley
Mother Elizabeth LaRouh
Brother Remington Fawley
Sister Tabitha Deveraux-Fawley
Paternal Grandfather James Fawley
Paternal Grandmother Rowena Circe
Maternal Grandfather Eric LaRouh
Maternal Grandmother Catalyn de Castilla
Maker Antonie Île d'Oléron
Wood Kaya
Core Banshee Hair
Length 10"
Characteristics Bendy


Tabitha looks much like her sister with the red, curly hair that one can't seem to get around noticing and green eyes - though hers are darker then her sister. She also has the pale skin and the general air of mystery. She's not the type of gorgeous that makes men follow her around like morons, but she has been known to stop a few boys in their tracks to get a second look. The difference between her and her sister, she has slightly over-sized eyes and a smattering of freckles across her nose. Overall she's good-looking and guys wouldn't mind having to listen to her from across the table, but she's not a Veela.


Elizabeth LaRouh - an American Pureblood - met a man by the name of Anthony Deveraux - A French Pureblood - and married him, moving to France to live out the rest of her days. Within the year they had one child - Amanda Deveraux - but no more then six months after the child's birth, Anthony died. For the next three years Elizabeth continued living in France, but she soon grew homesick and decided to move back to America. A year after, Elizabeth met an English bred, American raised Pureblood by the name of Henry Fawley, who had a young son the same age as Amanda. At first she didn't think it would work out, but a year after their meeting they married and a few months later got pregnant. Elizabeth would have changed her name, but she didn't want to have a different name from her four year old daughter and decided to hyphenate it, ending up with the name Elizabeth Deveraux-Fawley, which she gave to her and Henry's daughter, Tabitha Deveraux-Fawley.

(Okay that's how the relations go. :D)


Tabby is usually described as light, bubbly, fun, she really doesn't care about what people think about her. She's quite sensitive to what other's may be feeling, which is one of the reasons her family is so protective of her. Yes, she's impatient at times, but at others she's been known to be very patient, which is usually a bad thing. A mix of mature and not so much, she easily charms people, and many are drawn in by the fragility she portrays


Defense Against the Dark Arts