Name: Remington Fawley

Age/Year: 17

Blood status: Pureblood

Sex: Male

Appearance: Remy is... attractive and he plays on it, but not in that irritatingly in your face way that some do. He stands at 6 feet and has brown hair that brushes his collar, light brown/gold eyes that attract quite a bit of attention, and a Chaser build. He tends to wear comfortable muggle jeans with jumpers that depend solely on the weather. He does clean up well - he is a pureblood after all - and can look the part when it is demanded of him, but otherwise he'd rather be... "grungy".

Bio/History: -

Personality: Remy is pretty laid back and, like a lot of the purebloods these days, he doesn't care what you are - blood, house, amount of money - all he cares about is if you're easy going and fun. He can be heinously diplomatic when he has to - especially when dealing with those he has to be diplomatic with - but he rarely twists things to suit himself as he doesn't often get into situations that he has to twist out of - though he's quite slippery when he wants to be.

Love Interest/Crush: -

Strengths: Transfiguration, Charms, and Defense is his three best classes. He's diplomatic (as said above) but only when he has to be (also said above).

Weaknesses: He's been known to mess up Potions and he can't keep a plant alive to save his life either. He also can have a temper, if pushed.

Patronus: -

Wand: 13" Cyprus wood and Griffin feather core

House: Gryffindor

Era: NG2