Name: Paxton Anderson

Age/Year: 18/7th (Started school a year late because he was indisposed the year he was supposed to start.)

Blood status: Pureblood

Gender: Male

Appearance: Paxton is tall with the perfect Chaser build, which makes sense since he is one of the Slytherin Chasers. He has dark brown hair that falls over his brown eyes to the utter irritation of his very proper pureblooded family. He also tends to wear black trousers and sleeved shirts, rarely showing off his "build" as his sister calls it, as he has a few nasty scars littering his arms and shoulders from a particularly nasty fall that he took for his sister, not that he complains as he'd do anything for his little sister.

Personality: Some think Paxton is the perfect Slytherin, and he really is when one gets down to it. Paxton is sneaky, sly, and paranoid. He also easily walks that fine line of neutral between the Light and Dark side easily - he would choose sides in an instant, if he didn't have Payton to worry over.

Love Interest/Crush: None

Strengths: All of his classes that he takes he excels in, mostly because his parents wouldn't accept anything less and he doesn't garner his parents attention if he can help it. Flying and Quidditch, another of the things his parents would feel unacceptable if he failed, luckily for him he has an aptitude for it and Payton is female, so her lack of talent is good in their parents eyes. He's very loyal to his sister and anyone else he decides to befriend. He's also an expert duelist and diplomatic as most purebloods.

Weaknesses: That being said, he normally avoids anyone he can so his parents have no one to use against him other than Payton. He doesn't connect with others on anything other than the most basic level, he's overly competitive and overprotective, and he can't stand the Marauders and all of their pranks – but that may be more out of a sense of resentment then an actual disdain for them as people.

Metamorphmagi: No

Patronus: Eagle

Animagi: None

Wand: 14" Dragon Heartstring, Oak

House: Slytherin

Era: Marauders 3