Patrick Sadler
Full Name Patrick Sadler
Aliases/Nickname Pete
Gender Male
Race Caucasion
Professional Statues
Personal Statues
Play By Jai Courtney

"I don't miss, I warn."


Patrick is, in a word, insane. The problem with his insanity is it does not hinder him, rather it pushes him. It pushed him into the military where he was trained by the government to be a sniper, pushed him to become the best, and pushed him right out of said military. When he sets his sights on something or someone, he will persue that thing or person until they're dead or crushed. The thing is, he likes to play with his prey first, whether that's over weeks of taunting, or merely a few days, it all depends on how intrigued he is.


  • M14 Rifle
  • DPMS NATO REPR (Sniper Rifle)