Name: Lucille Carter

Age/Year: 15/5th

Blood status: Halfblood (mum's a muggleborn, dad's a halfblood)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lucy is a little blonde haired blue eyed pixie who finds everything on earth entertaining. Lucy stands only 5'2" and is the shortest of all the Carter children, though that isn't saying much since Samia is 5'3" and Sera is 5'4". Lucy is that girl that you have to look at, then look at again, then look at one more time. Like her brother, her hair tends to fall in her face, unlike her brother, she leaves it, she also tends to put her waist length hair into the strangest styles, even though it tends to get fingers pointed her way. All in all, she really isn't gorgeous by any means, there's just something about her that makes you want to look again and again.

Personality: Like said above, just about everything amuses her. The way her brother always glowers at her because she giggles at the beginning of term speech, the way her older sister sticks out her tongue whenever Sav turns his back after lecturing her, and whenever Adrian starts flirting with George in the common room. The only think that doesn't amuse her, insults to her siblings. That is literally the only thing that will set her temper off. Otherwise, she's a very happy individual.

Love Interest/Crush: None

Strengths: Unlike her two siblings, she's amazing at Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, as well as Charms. Anything that has to do with outdoors type stuff, she's pro at. She's a very social creature, just about anyone she speaks to, she charms. She's also very optimistic, very few things get her down.

Weaknesses: Transfiguration and Potions, they are too literal for her to actually excel at. She's also pretty bad at understanding when people wish for her to go away.

Metamorphmagi: (Yes or no) No

Patronus: (Optional. Only for fifth year and up.) No

Animagi: (Opitional. And only for sixth year and up.) No

Wand: (Ex. 13" Yew, Unicorn hair) 10'1/2" Cherry, Unicorn Hair

House: Hufflepuff

Era: New Generation