Jacqueline Trenton
The most beautiful heart of all is the one that can still love even while it bleeds, and especially after it's been broken into thousands of pieces.
Full Name Jacqueline Elizabeth Kerby (Trenton)
Aliases/Nickname Jackie


Gender Female
Professional Statues
Personal Statues
Play By Emily Bett Rickards

"Anyone can battle for pride, power, vanity, greed, or hate. But war... war should always be approached with an equal measure of wisdom and strength. It's not just enough to know when to fight, but to know when to lay down the sword and negotiate. Not everything in the world is worth fighting for.”


Jack has shoulder length, curly blond hair that her family had always likened to one of the many porcelain dolls she loved looking at. With her large hazel eyes and her creamy colored skin, along with her height and slim build, she easily could be considered gorgeous if she actually tried.

In the way of clothing, she much prefers her button up blouses and knee length skirts, which is why she's never had a problem with her school uniform. She likes looking put together, and with her glasses, it all kind of works for her.


As a child you would have said light, bubbly, fun… and you'd be right. She's also been considered patient, loyal, mature. She easily charms people, but instead of doing it by just her optimism and sunny disposition, they were drawn in by the quiet fragility she seems to portray.

Once you get below the outer appearance, you get to the fierce and protective heart that is Jackie. She has an inner strength that keeps her moving even though many would have given up. A loyalty that drives her to help those in need. Even a protectiveness towards others that drives her to do things others probably wouldn't in order to help those she's come to care about.


  • Riding - Started Western style when she was five and English when she was ten. She can also ride motorcycles as well as she can horses.
  • Bilingual – English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek.
  • Self defense – her mother put both her and her brother in self defense classes.




Georgina Trenton - Mother

Caleb Trenton - Father

Calvin Kerby (Trenton) - Twin

Gabriel Kerby - Uncle

Jeremy Trenton - Uncle


  • Jackie has a twin