Name: Bradford Collins

Age/Year: 16/5th Year (birthday September)

Blood status: Half-blood (father's a Pureblood from old money, mother is a half-blood)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brad is your stereotypical gorgeous guy; tanned, fit, tall, well-groomed. He has perfect black hair and a pair of melt you brown eyes. Brad stands at 5'10" and has the body of… well a Quidditch player. During school hours his uniform is just barely mused enough to make the girls flutter their eyelashes, and during weekends and free days he's only seen in the best muggle jeans and shirts.

Personality: Unfortunately, for all his looks, he's also the stereotypical gorgeous guy when it comes to personality. Brad is cocky and charming, rude and polite, everything the girls fall for, but no girl can stand up to. He grew up surrounded by money, his every wish was granted because his parent's had lost their first child on the eve of his fifth birthday, so they decided that their second would never want for anything if they could get it. With all this, I'm guessing you're wondering how he was placed in Gryffindor. Well, Brad is not hardworking, studious, or cunning, but he is fearless, mostly because he doesn't understand that fear does not make you a coward, something he feels is the greatest insult to be tossed his way.

Love Interest/Crush: Yes but not obvious, and he kind of flirts with everyone so it's hard to know who.

Strengths: (Either subjects for academics or personality types. Ex. Potions or Socializing.) Anything that has to do with socialization, he is pro at. He rarely gets along with the males of the group, but the females love his sense of humor and gentlemanly personality. There are a few females who are immune, but the majority flock. He's also amazing at Quidditch, preferring Beater, but able to play Keeper or Chaser.

Weaknesses: (Same as above. Ex. Transfiguration or Persuasion) Anything that has to do with school. He barely manages to stay average, but he's fine with that. His life's goal is to take over his father's money and marry some gorgeous, rich girl. He's a prick, he really is. He's great at charming girls, but once he gets them he doesn't have to try anymore. He's easily angered, doesn't like to be told no, and doesn't understand the meaning of piss off.

Metamorphmagi: (Yes or no) No

Patronus: (Optional. Only for fifth year and up.) No

Animagi: (Opitional. And only for sixth year and up.) No

Wand: 12" Chestnut, Dragon Heartstring

House: Gryffindor

Era: New Generation